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Tempe, AZ

IMAG is a manufacturer of electric transformers. We offer unmatched attention to detail and pride ourselves on our high-quality products. Our mission is to be dedicated to our consumers and always find a solution. CTM Magnetics provides line and high frequency sine wave filters (60Hz - 500Hz) to protect your motor, line/load reactors to reduce voltage spikes and harmonic distortion, active front-end filters for ultimate line side filtering, passive harmonic filters for IEEE-519 compliance in up to 25% voltage distortion environments, grid-tie filters for power generation, high frequency transformers, reactors for motor test stands and EV applications, and other superior power quality products that improve overall system performance, efficiency, and reliability. We serve HVAC & Chillers, Marine, Oil & Gas, Military, and EV markets. CTM is committed to innovation, so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions for the power quality needs of today and tomorrow.

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