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Electric transformers come in many sizes, but the motive for each is the same. They are meant to transform electrical energy by altering the voltage levels. They can be extremely large like those used at power plants, or extremely small like those used in small electronics. While they help us power many different items, their most important function is helping deliver electricity from power plants to our homes and businesses. In order to safely and efficiently deliver electricity many different transformers are used.

Electricity is generated by the power plants, and then is sent to us by electric lines. The electricity generated at these plants is generated at extremely high voltage levels. High voltage transformers are necessary to bring the electricity from the plant to the power lines. While these high levels are needed at first to get the correct amount of energy to various places, they don’t need to remain so high for the individual destinations. The voltages are steadily lowered from point to point along the way until they are at a suitable level. Low voltage transformers are able to step down these levels and transfer the electricity from the power lines to the residences and businesses. By the time the electricity has traveled from plant to home, the voltage has been lowered to safe and efficient levels for the residents.

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